2023, Landed a Full-Time Job, Graduated, Faced Confusions

2023, Landed a Full-Time Job, Graduated, Faced Confusions

As usual, I started this year pumped, though this was quite different — I had an extra level of faith. I was in a mid-interview stage (the first in my tech career). The interviews was looking positive and shaky at the same time.

It has become my tradition to reflect on each year on its last day. This moment of reflection holds deep significance for me. Looking back on 2023, I feel like a boy carried through life by the hands of God. Feel free to check out my 2022 year in review for some highlights.

A little background story…

At the end of 2022, I wanted to transition into a full-time position within an actual company. I read an article on the Kinsta blog and scrolled down to see the career page. I noticed a job opening and read its description. The role seemed beyond my abilities since I hadn't worked in a formal company or held leadership positions. Still, I decided to take a chance and submitted my application.

Surprisingly, I received an invitation for an initial interview, followed by a task that I diligently completed. This led me through subsequent rounds of interviews. Undoubtedly, the position I sought was significantly more advanced than my existing capabilities, but...

I Landed a Full-Time Job!

January was here, I had told God to please do this one for me.

I was scared in between because I was resuming school for my final year at University (which can be a lot), I also worked part-time with freeCodeCamp — an organization I love so much.

I continued my interviews and was lucky to be offered a role — it was just like I dreamed of when I applied — God works in mysterious ways!

I went through the entire onboarding phase, missed some school classes, and started working. Honestly, every day since I joined, I have learned. I can say it anywhere — Kinsta has the best remote policy! I never felt pressured while settling in and delivering tasks considering this is my first full-time role.

I Signed Out of School

2018 I got admitted to study computer science for a BTech certificate (meaning I’d be in school for five years). In between there have been strikes and the COVID lockdown — but it was now finally time to wrap things up.

I resumed school in January and from my first day in class — stress started. I had to defend SIWES, several coursework projects, write exams, and start my final year project. It was stressful but in summary, the way things unfolded was easier than I envisioned.

A painful moment in school was when I sat down one morning to calculate my results if I’d still make a first-class result. But unfortunately, the first class dream was a mere dream (very painful — I had worked hard for it but not all lecturers are meant to lecture — I’d stop there).

I was able to comfort myself in the fact that I learned a skill while in school (all thanks to the Inventors community. I also made money and had lots of small achievements.

Faced Confusions

So many times during the year I faced a series of confusion. Confusion in the area of work, school, making decisions, thinking through ideas, and many more. I also met with moments when I had to make certain decisions to remain sane.

I remember mid-way into my final year project, I was in school till 6 pm, I had not worked for that day for both companies — I felt so pressured. I was supposed to go home to rest but now I’d have to cover about 12 hours of work and I also needed to do assignments, read and attend to discussions I had with my supervisor.

Grateful to God that I was able to take a six months leave from freeCodeCamp so I could focus more on school. That gave me a whole lot of space to handle my final year project, various commitments, and my work.

I also had to make some important decisions in terms of finance and investments, helping friends, and lots more.

A boy carried by God

A song by Chandler Moore, et al says, “There's just some problems only God can fix”.

Some time around November, my company was laying off and was a crazy moment but I was lucky to not be part of those laid off. This was one of those moments I knew I was not alone!

The Petersens sang:

“Many things about tomorrow I don't seem to understand but I know who holds tomorrow and I know who holds my hand”

Each day, I wake up guided by God's plan. While I couldn't fulfil all my 2024 goals, I did achieve some dreams.

  • Got a full-time Job
  • Graduated from school
  • Spoke at OSCAFest
  • Was able to secure a sponsorship that took 17 students from my school to OSCAFest for free.
  • Bought a brand new M2 MacBook
  • Wrote over 50 articles
  • Made new friends
  • Travelledddddd
  • I picked up my YouTube channel again 🥺

In 2023, I wanted to forge a deepened connection with God — I can’t say I was able to achieve that the way I envisioned but I thank God for the messages I listened to. Apostle Joshua Selman shaped a lot about my thinking. I listened to several of his messages. I also thank God for Pastor Kumuyi — he is a father.

Finally, I am not 1% close to where I want to get to but God has brought me thus far.

2024: What’s next¿?

Looking ahead to 2024, I sense endless possibilities waiting for me. Reflecting on the successes of 2023, I'm grateful for the journey so far. However, I am at this point where I need direction in several areas of life.

I am going into this year with an open mind and letting God do his thing! I want to try new things, visit new places, learn new skills, share knowledge. I want to grow and achieve a lot!

I have said a lot and held a lot! But if there is one thing to pick — I am a Boy whose story is written by God!

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